Marrakech Camel Ride - What to Expect for the First Time

Many have been used to ride a horse. But when it comes to camel ride Marrakech, most folks still feel the picturesque and exotic ambiance offered by the trip in Marrakech by camel riding. And when you visit Marrakech, all people will say your trip won’t be full without camel riding. Whether you are going to do this in few hours, days, or even weeks through the Marrakech desert. In fact, there are thousands of people are interested in Marrakech desert tour. If you are one of them, then you will be pleased to take few routes offered by your travel agency. What people think about Marrakech camel ride are divided. Some are fond of the cute camel as their travel company and ship for the desert. Some think that camels are dangerous and maleficent creature wandering in the desert. Plenty people consider camel riding is an inconvenience way to enjoy the time in Marrakech. But from our point of view, some folks can’t just enjoy the beautiful view of the desert sunset on camel’s back. We don’t have to tell you that ordinary destinations can’t provide you such picturesque experience. Regardless of the opinions from folks, you need to decide yourself. Camel riding can be such a memorable experience that you will treasure for the rest of your time.

Despite the fact that there are wandering camels in Marrakech, many of them are adopted for specific purposes: family pets and tourism. Unlike what we know in the past, the nowadays camels’ main task is to carry tourists and their belongings, rather than silk, rare oils, and merchant things.
If it is your first time in Marrakech camel riding, you could expect to make a trip with a professional guide. Your guide will tell you what to do and what not to do when riding the camel. Although most camels are trained well, they can’t hide their natural behaviors when meeting the stranger. So you will need a chance to introduce yourself to the camel you are about to ride. Don’t worry, though, your guide will tell you the right things to do.

After getting familiar with your camel, it is time to mount it. Your guide will hold the camel tight so that you will be safe when mounting it. He or she will instruct the camel to sit so that it is easy to get on its back. To make sure that you’ll have a fun trip, don’t forget to wear anything comfortable. Cover your body with the sun, sand, and the weather. It is also recommended that you could start the trip in the early morning or at night if you are not up to hot temperature. Don’t forget to wear your scarf, or hat to protect your head from sun exposure. You could also wrap the scarf around your face to prevent sand from entering. Consider using glasses or goggles to protect your eyes. And last but not least, have fun!

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